Life’s lessons


Ever noticed how certain events or happenings change your life? We encounter many different things in our lives as we grow. Now, these events always carry a certain weight with them, thus one may never be able to ignore them. As I approach 28 (25th Oct, I will post my banking details for all those who want to send monetary presents, lol), I notice that all events in my life come with a particular life’s lesson. For example, I’ve learnt never to trust someone who says “Go slap him, I’m here to protect you”. Lol.

The best thing one can do is to learn from all that happens in their life. Experience is the best teacher, (I’m the best Maths Tutor, lol). Be it good events or misfortunes, it takes “balls” to be able to be immune to all negativity that surrounds you. At times we need to be encouraged to be better people.

One person who does this with amazing ease and without saying anything is my daughter. Ok, well maybe not really because when she starts “talking” to me, she honestly thinks I understand what she says in her language, GWAOPW, pronounced, “go_uop”. Now, to all those who do not have kids, its “Gibberish With An Occasional Proper Word”. Anyway, her presence just makes it possible for me to focus, stay focused and push even harder. So, have that one person or people or thing that encourages you. Picture it in your mind and remember, its that one who will always be by your side, even when the chips are down. Like I always say, Pressa, Pusha, Phanda. Its all it takes.

Bee Loves You, Yes You


A little Lighter?


When last did you have a good laugh? When last did you look at the mirror and smiled? Yes, work, relationships, meetings, careers and all tend to make us a serious bunch. When last did you watch that one movie that gives you sore ribs? Most probably its been a while. When last did you talk to that one person who just makes you laugh? Remember that uncle who when drunk is funniest human being ever? I think one thing that I have noticed lately is that I tend to neglect what’s really important to me, which is seeing a smile on my face. Life is really serious, yes, but it has its times where one needs to just let go. Ask yourself this question, are you that person who goes to a party and when everyone is on the dance floor doing the Sushi and Hlokolozing, you sit and watch then later say, “Oh the party was boring”? Are you that one person who when with friends is on the phone’s social networks? Are you that one person who has to be begged to have fun? There’s a song by Shota where at some point he says, “Let loose”. Yes people, here and there, let’s just let loose and forget who is watching, unless ofcourse your crush is amongst the crowd. Society has brought us up to think ourselves as fixed personalities when in fact we are free to just let go. The way we look at things makes them what they are. Take some time now and just look at life a little bit on the relaxed side. Feel how good that could be. Its the same feeling one gets when they snort on cocaine(I’m not saying I’ve tried cocaine out). Lol, but everyday in the morning, try to activate the feel good hormones in your brain. Only that way can you be able to face the world head on. I think finally, this touching story is a fitting example of how to see that beautiful smile you have.(In the back of mind, play an old classical song as you read) A young boy was walking home after school when he saw a small puppy. He picked it up and touched it. Then he touched it again. He touched it once again, he touched and touched and touched …he then touched it again and again. Then he finished touching. Like I said in the beginning, A VERY Touching STORY indeed. Remember, life is not always serious. Smile a bit.

BEE loves you, yes you. LOL

SÜDAFRIKA - Land der Kontraste

“The City of Gold” is also known as Jozi, Egoli or Joburg

(Editor: Bruce Ncube from Johannesburg)

Deutsche Zusammenfassung:

Bruce Ncube berichtet für “SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste” aus der Goldstadt – aus Johannesburg. Eine riesige Metropole, die viele Probleme einerseits und Chancen andererseits aufzeigt. Während ein Spaziergang im Stadtteil Hillbrow, in der Orange Farm oder in Sebokeng lebensgefährlich ist, erweisen sich Sandton und Diepkloof als gegensätzliche teure Pflaster der  Johannesburger Mittelschicht. Zudem ist diese Stadt auch die Heimat von vielen afrikanischen Flüchtlingen und dementsprechend kulturell betrachtet äußerst heterogen.

I have been a keen follower of how culture has an impact on a growing nation. We are naturally ignorant when it comes to how we want a nation look like in the future. We are all about the “now” factor.

We forget that the foundation we lay is ours and for those to follow. Today’s society is that of a mixture…

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Pressa, Pusha, Phanda

We have all been through torrid times at some point in our lives. Today’s challenges we face are a merely a “come-back” of the challenges our fore-fathers faced. It is very easy for one to give up when hard times decide to hit. Have you ever realised how easy it is to give up?

I know of many people who have come up against difficult problems and though some gave up at some point, some pushed and continue to push on. Picture this, you get to a door and you realise that it is closed and locked. Due to blinders that we sometimes put on, we think, ok, this is the only door and since I do not have the key, I might as well go back to the comfort zone. Yes, the other option would be to break down the door and enter. Hang on, have you looked around and checked if there might be another way in? Maybe even more than two? Yes, we need guidance to see our way out but honestly, we possess an amazing “punch” within us. We sometimes under-estimate our own intelligence. When we come across a problem, we normally give up just as we are about to get a solution.

In all the years I have worked with young people, I have noticed a common factor. Assuming we want to get to the other side of a wide river. We swim as hard and fast as we can and when we get half way, we are tired and we decide to swim back to where we started and say, “I’m going to try again tomorrow.”

What if I had started at an ok pace, saved my energy, utilised the saved energy to swim the whole way. Remember what I said initially, it is easier to give up than to push on.

Whatever problem you might be having today, try all you can to solve it. It won’t break you down, in fact, it will make you stronger. It is by our strong characters that we can face challenges. Challenges in your relationships? In your job? In your career? In your business? At school? Ok with your school problems especially Maths and Science, just contact Destiny Tutors and you will be sorted. Otherwise, try harder, look for other options. You know you can. Like Pro-Kid says, Pressa, Pusha, Phanda- The Hustle continues.


February represents a time to LOVE. A very beautiful time for those who have loved ones. Recently, I’ve realised that Valentines Day has somewhat lost its true sense. For me, well, lemme be honest, when I was at high school, I wasn’t so lucky with love. It was a “TALL” order.

Being @ boarding school meant I had to propose through letters and when it was holidays, I’d get dumped for being way too…..(Looking for a politically correct word…no luck so I might as well say it)……too short.

That’s where the story of the Macarenas comes in. In the 90s, the Macarenas were a hit amongst the ladies. These were shoes that had high platforms. If you looked @ the the top of the shoe, well it wasn’t any different from the ordinary man’s shoe.

I had mistakenly packed them instead of my proper school shoes for the first term. When I realised that I had no choice as I was many kilos from home and had those as the only pair, I decided to rock them. (Wrong option). My height suddenly doubled, well not literally but that’s what it looked like because I’ve never been laughed at in that way at Monday morning assembly.

The laughs went on but I got used to it(well that’s what I thought). For VALENTINEs day, 14 February, we hosted a girl’s only school and luckily they walked in whilst we sat in the Library. I wore my only pair of Macarenas and was smart. So as the girls walked in, I secretly prayed that a tall girl wouldn’t sit next to me. Yes, that happened. A tall girl didn’t sit next to me, but a giant decided to make way towards me and I couldn’t do anything. I knew we were going to have a “big” problem.

I stood up, being the gentleman I was, and still she was taller than me even with me in my Macarenas. She looked at me, looked down and said “Owh my word, you wearing amaGum’gedlela and you still short”. That was the last time I wore those shoes. That was also the last time I enjoyed hosting girls from another school.

Even to this day, I don’t want to see such shoes especially in February. So to ya’ll who have a painful Valen”TIMES”, halla back and guys, do not swtch your phones off just because you haven’t bought a present for her. Tell her today, whilst its still early that you broke.
Do not forget that @brucencube loves you, yes you.

The other face of FACEBOOK.

Fellow readers, you might not realize it, you might think it’s a myth and you might convince yourself that it’s only a result of exaggeration, yet it’s true: Facebook changes your life in ways you will never realize until you decide to take that step and leave. It could be good or bad.

It had been almost 2 weeks since I deactivated my account, and day by day, I came to realize how much my life had changed since I had set up my account 2008. The truth is, I’ve wanted to de activate the account on several occasions, however, I kept making excuses like: “I need it for work”or “I need it to keep up with friends”. (By the way, I am back now!)

But I finally did it, and so I would like to share with you the 10 ways in which leaving Facebook have changed my life, maybe you would be inspired to leave as well, or maybe you would reconsider your Facebook use!

1. Rediscovering My “Real” Friends:

You know that pinching ache you get in your stomach when you miss a friend? When you wonder how he/she is? What they are doing? Well, if you think Facebook is the cure, you are mistaken! Since I deactivated my account, I realized that real friends don’t need reminders that you exist in order to remember you; they will contact you by phone or email and ask about you whether you have a Facebook account or not.

2. Focusing More on Work and the Hustle:

Although I did use Facebook for work . Actually, I realized that Facebook does distract me from work more often that not!

3. Having A Clearer Mind:

Without the continuous comments and reactions to everything you do or say on Facebook, you can actually think better. Moreover, when you spend more time focusing on your life rather than other people’s business, you have more time for you. Its rather a painful pill to swallow.

4. Spending More Time with People:

Facebook has the power of fooling you into thinking that you are spending time with your friends and family through the occasional poke, message, tag or photo share- and some people really annoy me with their useless tags on photos. In reality, though, Facebook can lead to the death of interaction. When I left Facebook, I started having more meaningful talks with people and I could choose whom to tell about what, when I want.

5. Pissing off Less People:

It might sound weird but yes, my favorite part of leaving Facebook is that now I pissed off less people. You know why? Because if I decided to update my controversial status, I’d step on someone’s “cornz”.

6. Dealing with Less Privacy Concerns:

Although I know my information is there(well it used to be until the sudden emergence of the Dennises) and that Facebook can use it, I feel so much better about sharing less with the world and regaining some of my privacy!

7. Waiting Time is Reduced:

When you want something from someone on Facebook, you have to wait until they check their Facebook account to get it. (Well, the new Instant Facebook Apps has adressed this issue). I hate waiting! So now, when I do need something from someone, I use the phone or the email; less waiting time and more effective communication!

8. Remembering Things on My Own:

Since I signed up with Facebook, my memory has been really bad; I got to a point where I could not remember my best friend’s birthday! That’s even better. Imagine forgetting your partner’s birthday.

9. Receiving Less Criticism:

Although some criticism is constructive, most of it can be very destructive. Without facebook, I just get criticism and advice from those whom I seek and trust. It makes my life simpler. I try hard not to pour my heart out to the status message space. It just makes me a lil vulnerable.

10. Having More Time to Discover:

There are many things to discover on the web, and Facebook takes away from your time to do so. try de activating your account for a few days and see how many new things you will discover and how many sites you might stumble upon.

Yes, Facebook has its ups but careless use of might put you in difficult and vulnerable situations.
What’s your take on the issue?

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Old vs New School

A mighty battle that seems difficult to comprehend has surfaced. We are facing a tough choice of whether to stick with what we know and are comfortable with or to move with time.
The (good) old times, (I say good as this is my comfort zone), have beautiful memories. Memories that last forever. A history that cannot be shaken. Times where respect, trust and love came naturally, well to most. The days when one could be really emotionally connected to their surroundings.

Love and trust could not be faked. I could go on and on with stories from way back. How one would pick a pen and paper and write a letter to their loved one. That taste of a stamp. Unparalleled. That anxious look one had as soon as the post man cycled towards your home. Life was beautiful, complete and simple. When one had a loving home and was surrounded by people who really cared, this made life so much worth living.

Today, the dynamics have shifted. Technology has taken over. Personally, it has robbed me of a lot of things. Yes, it has made my material life way better. It has made it possible for me to connect with friends and relatives that I cannot see or talk to on a daily basis but it has changed me.

Material things, all of a sudden matter. We have grown so much apart yet we are so close to each other. Ever realised how your phone is always clicking? We do not pay attention to our surroundings. Though we are getting ahead technologically, our brains are slowly diminishing.

A conflict is growing and we cannot see it. Something as simple as SPELLING correctly is slowly vanishing. We misuse the power of technology. The mother tongue is slowly crippling. “Broken Engrish” is slowly taking over. We don’t see it but that is what the Social Media has done. Our ability to construct sentences will soon be a thing of the past. Painfully, respect for the elders is now a ‘has been’.

So the question on my mind is How then do we strike a balance between the two? Old vs New School.

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