Daddy’s Angel

So, all my life I have been surrounded by strong women, women of character, women who have gone through thick and thin. My late Granny, late Mom, my aunt Paulina, aunt Cathy and my mother in law. The list is endless. They have walked on tight ropes and yet emerged even stronger. The women I have mentioned have had an impact on my life. Now that I am blessed with a baby girl, I desire my child to some day have the same spirit and drive. In the past 3 and a half years, I have noticed how I have created an amazing bond with her. In these few years, I have seen the cumulative benefits of creating such bonds with my daughter. Stories from dads’ raising their little girls have inspired me to look at a few lessons that every man should have.
1) Love her mother, treat her with the utmost respect, honour and give her a great serving of affection. You want your daughter to fall in love and eventually marry a guy who will treat her much like you treated her mom.
2) Always be there for her. Note that quality time goes hand in glove with quantity time. Be genuinely interested in the things that interest your daughter through all the stages in her life. Now, that also means learning the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song.
3) Be her hero. Rise to all occassions as you will be required to wear that Superman outfit.
4) Every moment spent with your daughter must be a moment to cherish. Tickle her. Laugh at her sometimes not so funny jokes. A few weeks back, I picked my daughter from creche and in the car she says “Dad, I have a surprise for you”. Well, me being the person that I am, I got excited and asked her to show me, she dug into both her pockets and poured all the sand that was in there on the car seats. She did all of this with a loud “ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka” type of laughter. I had to play along.
5) Pray for and with her, regularly, passionately and continually. Listen to what she prays about, you will be shocked. Lol
6) She will fight with her mom, your wife. Choose sides wisely. You dont want to sleep on the couch just because you bought her a sherbert and theres white powder everywhere just after mom has done the cleaning.
7) Yes, you will look silly playing certain games, (peek a boo), but go ahead, do it.
8) Its never too early to teach her about money matters. Well, she’s still going to suck your wallet dry as a teenager and definetly on her wedding day.
9) Dance with her. Do the Sushi, the Fenqe Fenqe Pakaaaaa and even the Random Rhythmless dance. Lol
10) Tell her that she is beautiful, that she is as smart as any boy and that you love her. Do this over and over again.

To all the dads who are their little girls’ heroes, I respect you. To those dads to be, may this be motivation to you.