Find x???


So, I’ve been dragging my feet, so to speak, though its actually supposed to be dragging my thumbs with talking about numbers.

Most of you know that Bee is a huge fan of numbers.
How many of us, by the show of hands, hate Maths? Are you that one person who only loved Maths when it was only about addition and subtraction, Tens and Units? Well, you are not alone. How is one expected in Grade 3 to know the monster called Long Division, with remainders for that matter?

Most probably the only time you enjoyed Maths was when your folks sent you to buy stuff and you had to bring change and had managed to “Mathematify” the change, “Fy Bob” aka 50 cents in your favour so you could go buy chewing gum. Most probably you might have enjoyed Maths only when you were the only one who had the Maths text book that had answers at the back.

Remember how everyone was a “mathematician” at primary school, well, maybe not everyone was. A certain Lish from KZN is allergic to Maths. If you want to pick a fight with her, just ask her what the sine of theta is.

Anyway, remember how you had second thoughts about continuing with Maths soon after that first Algebra lesson? The x + x = 2x. All I know is that you really try to avoid a situation where you have two ex’s together. They broke up long ago. How about that x times x is x squared? Why not x triangled or circled or something of that freakish nature.
What was Mr Pythagoras really up to when he noticed that he had to tell the world about the Hypotenuse?

Honestly, are we sure Mr Calculus was as clever as we think? Ok, differentiate 3x and the answer is 3. The word differentiate looks like it has something to do with differences. Shouldn’t the answer be 3 is a number and x is a letter? Why inequalities when we can equate with so much ease?
The less said about Hopitals Theorem the better. If only we could shift the “s” to between ‘o’ and ‘p’ maybe our brains would be functioning properly.

Gone are the days we would just use our fingers and toes to count. Remember the Roman Numerals? Funny enough, they also got tough when we were told that L is 50 and M is 100. Why not T or J or even Q? Gone are the days we just had to twang and say “tswo mplas tswo equanz mfo”.

At some point Maths will indeed come of age. He will start solving his problems and will stop looking for his x. She moved on.

In the next blog, I will be revealing why Maths is important. For example, it helped me come up with cool pick up lines like, “My love for you is like dividing by zero, can’t be defined”.

By the way, the term Partial Fractions has got nothing to do wit partying.

Though you think Maths hates you, never forget that Bee loves you. Yes, you, the reader.

How can the area of a circle be pie r_squared? It makes sense to say its “pizza r_circled”. Just my thought.
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Bee Loves You, Yes You