Life’s lessons


Ever noticed how certain events or happenings change your life? We encounter many different things in our lives as we grow. Now, these events always carry a certain weight with them, thus one may never be able to ignore them. As I approach 28 (25th Oct, I will post my banking details for all those who want to send monetary presents, lol), I notice that all events in my life come with a particular life’s lesson. For example, I’ve learnt never to trust someone who says “Go slap him, I’m here to protect you”. Lol.

The best thing one can do is to learn from all that happens in their life. Experience is the best teacher, (I’m the best Maths Tutor, lol). Be it good events or misfortunes, it takes “balls” to be able to be immune to all negativity that surrounds you. At times we need to be encouraged to be better people.

One person who does this with amazing ease and without saying anything is my daughter. Ok, well maybe not really because when she starts “talking” to me, she honestly thinks I understand what she says in her language, GWAOPW, pronounced, “go_uop”. Now, to all those who do not have kids, its “Gibberish With An Occasional Proper Word”. Anyway, her presence just makes it possible for me to focus, stay focused and push even harder. So, have that one person or people or thing that encourages you. Picture it in your mind and remember, its that one who will always be by your side, even when the chips are down. Like I always say, Pressa, Pusha, Phanda. Its all it takes.

Bee Loves You, Yes You