A little Lighter?


When last did you have a good laugh? When last did you look at the mirror and smiled? Yes, work, relationships, meetings, careers and all tend to make us a serious bunch. When last did you watch that one movie that gives you sore ribs? Most probably its been a while. When last did you talk to that one person who just makes you laugh? Remember that uncle who when drunk is funniest human being ever? I think one thing that I have noticed lately is that I tend to neglect what’s really important to me, which is seeing a smile on my face. Life is really serious, yes, but it has its times where one needs to just let go. Ask yourself this question, are you that person who goes to a party and when everyone is on the dance floor doing the Sushi and Hlokolozing, you sit and watch then later say, “Oh the party was boring”? Are you that one person who when with friends is on the phone’s social networks? Are you that one person who has to be begged to have fun? There’s a song by Shota where at some point he says, “Let loose”. Yes people, here and there, let’s just let loose and forget who is watching, unless ofcourse your crush is amongst the crowd. Society has brought us up to think ourselves as fixed personalities when in fact we are free to just let go. The way we look at things makes them what they are. Take some time now and just look at life a little bit on the relaxed side. Feel how good that could be. Its the same feeling one gets when they snort on cocaine(I’m not saying I’ve tried cocaine out). Lol, but everyday in the morning, try to activate the feel good hormones in your brain. Only that way can you be able to face the world head on. I think finally, this touching story is a fitting example of how to see that beautiful smile you have.(In the back of mind, play an old classical song as you read) A young boy was walking home after school when he saw a small puppy. He picked it up and touched it. Then he touched it again. He touched it once again, he touched and touched and touched …he then touched it again and again. Then he finished touching. Like I said in the beginning, A VERY Touching STORY indeed. Remember, life is not always serious. Smile a bit.

BEE loves you, yes you. LOL