Pressa, Pusha, Phanda

We have all been through torrid times at some point in our lives. Today’s challenges we face are a merely a “come-back” of the challenges our fore-fathers faced. It is very easy for one to give up when hard times decide to hit. Have you ever realised how easy it is to give up?

I know of many people who have come up against difficult problems and though some gave up at some point, some pushed and continue to push on. Picture this, you get to a door and you realise that it is closed and locked. Due to blinders that we sometimes put on, we think, ok, this is the only door and since I do not have the key, I might as well go back to the comfort zone. Yes, the other option would be to break down the door and enter. Hang on, have you looked around and checked if there might be another way in? Maybe even more than two? Yes, we need guidance to see our way out but honestly, we possess an amazing “punch” within us. We sometimes under-estimate our own intelligence. When we come across a problem, we normally give up just as we are about to get a solution.

In all the years I have worked with young people, I have noticed a common factor. Assuming we want to get to the other side of a wide river. We swim as hard and fast as we can and when we get half way, we are tired and we decide to swim back to where we started and say, “I’m going to try again tomorrow.”

What if I had started at an ok pace, saved my energy, utilised the saved energy to swim the whole way. Remember what I said initially, it is easier to give up than to push on.

Whatever problem you might be having today, try all you can to solve it. It won’t break you down, in fact, it will make you stronger. It is by our strong characters that we can face challenges. Challenges in your relationships? In your job? In your career? In your business? At school? Ok with your school problems especially Maths and Science, just contact Destiny Tutors and you will be sorted. Otherwise, try harder, look for other options. You know you can. Like Pro-Kid says, Pressa, Pusha, Phanda- The Hustle continues.


7 thoughts on “Pressa, Pusha, Phanda

  1. We swim as hard and fast as we can and when we get half way, we are tired and we decide to swim back to where we started…POWER PACKED STATEMENT

  2. i like the pressa pusha phanda, it help us as kids to stay off the street and i would realy like to be helped to so i can better myself in life

  3. Im righting ths massage coz i need a help to pusha phanda. My problem is im try 2 open my small construction company i need help of power floating machines vabration &poker anyone can help me plz my contact 0734229745

  4. Hy my name is tendani from randburg originally frm venda .I am a graduate of A+ computer engineering .I also have HOUR diploma and grade 12 cetificate ,grade A security. Cetificate ,I dnt knw why I evn bother myself by going to school.I was looking for a job for almost 4yrs northing happen.please help me not to give up my goals.I aslo register my own company evn with sars .I dnt get any money to start it .esh my number is 0718337212 .I hav 2 kidz to look after also my mother expect me to bring food on table but I am traying .help me please

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