February represents a time to LOVE. A very beautiful time for those who have loved ones. Recently, I’ve realised that Valentines Day has somewhat lost its true sense. For me, well, lemme be honest, when I was at high school, I wasn’t so lucky with love. It was a “TALL” order.

Being @ boarding school meant I had to propose through letters and when it was holidays, I’d get dumped for being way too…..(Looking for a politically correct word…no luck so I might as well say it)……too short.

That’s where the story of the Macarenas comes in. In the 90s, the Macarenas were a hit amongst the ladies. These were shoes that had high platforms. If you looked @ the the top of the shoe, well it wasn’t any different from the ordinary man’s shoe.

I had mistakenly packed them instead of my proper school shoes for the first term. When I realised that I had no choice as I was many kilos from home and had those as the only pair, I decided to rock them. (Wrong option). My height suddenly doubled, well not literally but that’s what it looked like because I’ve never been laughed at in that way at Monday morning assembly.

The laughs went on but I got used to it(well that’s what I thought). For VALENTINEs day, 14 February, we hosted a girl’s only school and luckily they walked in whilst we sat in the Library. I wore my only pair of Macarenas and was smart. So as the girls walked in, I secretly prayed that a tall girl wouldn’t sit next to me. Yes, that happened. A tall girl didn’t sit next to me, but a giant decided to make way towards me and I couldn’t do anything. I knew we were going to have a “big” problem.

I stood up, being the gentleman I was, and still she was taller than me even with me in my Macarenas. She looked at me, looked down and said “Owh my word, you wearing amaGum’gedlela and you still short”. That was the last time I wore those shoes. That was also the last time I enjoyed hosting girls from another school.

Even to this day, I don’t want to see such shoes especially in February. So to ya’ll who have a painful Valen”TIMES”, halla back and guys, do not swtch your phones off just because you haven’t bought a present for her. Tell her today, whilst its still early that you broke.
Do not forget that @brucencube loves you, yes you.


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