Old vs New School

A mighty battle that seems difficult to comprehend has surfaced. We are facing a tough choice of whether to stick with what we know and are comfortable with or to move with time.
The (good) old times, (I say good as this is my comfort zone), have beautiful memories. Memories that last forever. A history that cannot be shaken. Times where respect, trust and love came naturally, well to most. The days when one could be really emotionally connected to their surroundings.

Love and trust could not be faked. I could go on and on with stories from way back. How one would pick a pen and paper and write a letter to their loved one. That taste of a stamp. Unparalleled. That anxious look one had as soon as the post man cycled towards your home. Life was beautiful, complete and simple. When one had a loving home and was surrounded by people who really cared, this made life so much worth living.

Today, the dynamics have shifted. Technology has taken over. Personally, it has robbed me of a lot of things. Yes, it has made my material life way better. It has made it possible for me to connect with friends and relatives that I cannot see or talk to on a daily basis but it has changed me.

Material things, all of a sudden matter. We have grown so much apart yet we are so close to each other. Ever realised how your phone is always clicking? We do not pay attention to our surroundings. Though we are getting ahead technologically, our brains are slowly diminishing.

A conflict is growing and we cannot see it. Something as simple as SPELLING correctly is slowly vanishing. We misuse the power of technology. The mother tongue is slowly crippling. “Broken Engrish” is slowly taking over. We don’t see it but that is what the Social Media has done. Our ability to construct sentences will soon be a thing of the past. Painfully, respect for the elders is now a ‘has been’.

So the question on my mind is How then do we strike a balance between the two? Old vs New School.

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5 thoughts on “Old vs New School

  1. I agree with the fact that Technology has made us more anti-social. When look around most people have their earphones on shutting their surroundings out. Or maybe they listening to their ‘background music’ just like in the movies.

    However we can’t deny the fact that the world will keep changing, new trends, cultures and new languages !

    Is it broken English or just the new way of spelling. Its slowly moving to corporate emails its just a matter of time till we revise the dictionary 🙂

  2. The challenge is finding a balance and setting boudaries. Its seems were growing apart more with every fb status, tweet, bbm, whatsup text. What happened to physical conctact? I miss that. I am however grateful that its helping us connect and reconnect and its inexpensive. But there are many downsides to social media and how we are advancing as people and catching up with civilisation;
    1. People arent who they claim to be. On these social sites everyone is living the life of a generation cast and top billing guest. Everyones got a degree, house, cars, and happily in a relationship/marriage. Its seems we moving further and further from reality.
    2. Addiction; technological advancement is highly addictive and if not managed properly can become costly. As it is my bb is acting up and the need to have it replaced urgently is really not logocal as their other ugernt things that need finacial resources.
    3. Spending time; tjo even my 2 year old says mommy put the phone down…embarrasing!

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