Growing Pains- ReLoaded

As the name suggests, todays growing pains is Re”ally” Loaded. So here I was getting used to the system of the school. Getting to know new mates and not enjoying falling victim to the seniors constantly “Initiating” the newbies aka AmaDzombie. For those who do not know, this name has nothing to do with being a Zombie.

Anyway, much as I hated the seniors, I enjoyed the life lessons we got from them, at least that’s what I thought. You will remember that I am a ‘grounded’ person. Yes, literally, I am short. I quickly became popular amongst the seniors. It was fun until they put me into deep trouble. One evening I had a little quarel with one of my dorm-mates who was not only older than me but clearly bigger than me. Now think, Dj Tira vs Mampintsha. Yep, that. One of the seniors pulled me aside and told me to hit the guy and they would hold and celebrate my victory. Now me being me, I went for it. As “Mampintsha” continued pushing me around, I got onto one of the beds, got eye to eye with him, slapped him and jumped off thinking the seniors would stop the fight and celebrate my mini victory.

Well, by now most of you might be thinking, wow, brave little man. Ok, this was the day I learnt never to mess with a guy bigger than me. As I turned around, I realised that the “senior guy” was far from the action and ready to watch me get a beating of my life. That’s what I got and from that day onwards, I learnt to be selective in terms of advice.

When I thought my weekend would not get any worse, I had another thing coming. During the course of the first days, the seniors were supposed to be telling us the names of the teachers.
There was a teacher who taught IsiZulu and his name was Mr Ndikimba. On that fateful day, he called me to a fully packed staff-room and sent me to the tuck-shop. Befor going out he asked me who I’d say had sent me. “Mr Ndikimba, sir. ” I said confidently. That’s the day I learnt never to call an adult by his/her nickname especially to their face.
If Mampintsha had given me a beating of my life, then that teacher gave me a beating of my……2nd life. More to come my friends. Ama GumGedlelaz aka Macarenas!!!! My mom’s nogal. Hit me up.


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