Growing Pains

Growing up has come with its amazing ups and its fair share of downs. One thing that has motivated me is my ability to view hardships in a positive way. You might be thinking, “Oh poor old Bruce. He has been through hell.” Yes, I have but trust me, my past experiences have shaped me. You’d be saying the same if you spent 6 years of your life at a boys only boarding school, aka FARM SCHOOL. Our lives revolved around the mating season of pigs and yes, donkeys.(Need I say more?). Our lives were driven by THE BELL( a rusty piece of rail track-ISPORO that had to be struck by a short iron rod. This hung on a tree on the way to the Dining Hall-DH).

The excitement we got from receiving letters was amazing. The ability to steal a pot of 12 pieces of chicken, hide it outside the DH, was classic. Only to find the farm workers’ dogs had feasted on your steal.

Now, in my 1st year of high school, here I was in the evening study time and my stomach decides to act up, again. (Must have been the beans we had for supper). I knew I had to act fast, stood up and asked for paper(tissue was a luxury then) only to be caught by a Prefect for making noise. As he summoned me, everyone quietly looked on.

I knew I was in trouble when he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me towards the front. His punishment was the least of my worries. I had a “load” to deal with. As we stood there, I let rip a Silent bomb and within seconds, I could feel the grip on my neck loosening. I knew I had delivered the perfect anti-punishment weapon. He let me go and I looked at his face shriveling up in disgust.

I knew I was going to be a temporary hero to my classmates until they too “heared” the bomb. In my mind, or rather in my stomach, I knew I had to go. I couldn’t run. I just feared the worst. I walked towards the dorm toilets but as I walked past The Bell, I couldn’t hold it anymore. To this day, I know the student on duty the following day had been asking himself, “Who the hell decided to unload here.”

Owh well, I didn’t have a choice. There’s more stories I have from my high school days. I just can’t wait to tell you about the week I spent with one shoe, looking for my left shoe or the term I wore my mom’s black Makarinas aka Gum Gedlelaz or even the day I unknowingly called a teacher by his nickname. Hit me up with your crazy high school days on twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Yea “growing pains” is a tittle that suites the blog well. Omw sounds lark was a lot more than hell defined. But here you are< you"ve made it. Guess a lotta people are proud, Lol i am too….

  2. hahahaaaa Bruce, you sound like you were a naughty student, you know those naughty but brainy ones…

    Anyway boarding school was hell for me, ayi, talk about half cooked beans we had every supper, showering in cold water in winter, fighting for crust ( three months without seeing my family,ayi that was hell,prison. But then I believe if anyone survived boarding school,one can easily over come challenges they
    come across in life.

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