The End Is Near

Well, the year is nearing the end and this is the time when everyone (well, I think) sits and reflects on the year that has been. The achievements, failures laughs and cries. We’ve been through a lot, good and rough patches but I have a few achievements of my own that inspire me to be a better person.

Picking up a pen and paper and sharing my thoughts with you, yes you the reader has been an eye opener for me. I have managed to put smiles on a few faces and that really humbles me. It takes a lot of hard work as you all expect a better blog every time you read my posts. Well, I promise to deliver.

Raising my daughter has also been a highlight in my life. She has opened my eyes to new possibilities and continues to silently motivate me.

Destiny Tutors has grown from strength to strength. It continues to grow and I will work hard to see it grow to greater heights.

Its been a hectic year with its ups and downs but let’s all be positive and remember that our failures (though they make our enemies smile) really make us stronger. Learning from your mishaps is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Let’s not, however, think that 2012 will suddenly be a bed of roses. New challenges are up ahead and we need to brace ourselves for them.

So I’d like to say “CHAIRS” to the following: 1) the hustlers 2) workers 3) new dads 4) that guy/lady who sells sweets on the street corner 5) the newly weds 6) new relationships and to the HATTERS, you are the reason why some of us wake up motivated everyday and the GOSSIPERS, you keep us relevant. Keep it up.

Finally, I’d love to say to all the mothers out there, you are so amazing. You give your all self-lessly. Your unconditional love inspires the nation. Just know that you are highly appreciated. May God bless you abundantly.

Now remember: Do not waste a minute being unhappy. If one door closes……..tell whoever is in your house to stop playing games and open up the door. Lol

Like she always says; Ai Sharaaaap.

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7 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. Yeah dude its been a hectic year! My work life sucked but personally its been great. A year of self discovery; accompanied by a few tears and lots of fun and laughter. This year I closed most of my retail accounts; bought a car cash, got a sencond job, realised whom my real friends are. Got rid of people that didn’t deserve my time and sorrounded myself with people that love me; flaws and all. In 2012 I know for sure I’m getting a better job, I’ve learned how to harness the power in me and maximise on it. I’ve learned to right the wrongs in my life. I trust and believe that 2012 is gonna be yet another year of greatness and progress in my life. I’m a firm believer of all things positive and I believe that I’m destined for greatness in all aspects of my life! I’ve decided to use blogging as an outlet to express myself and I’m loving it!! *sorry for my blog within a blog* but you’ve started something I have been meaning to write about! *chairs to blogging*

    • CHAIRS to the positive thinker, to the one who learns from mistakes, to the one who turns tragedy to success, Chairs to the hustler. Those are achievements 1 has to proud of ma friend. Lol, I also bought my car cash and it feels great. Let’s keep on keepin on. Lol, no sweat, you are allowed to blog in my blog. Lol. Sounds funny, dnt it? Blog in my blog. Its like sain, Eat in my eat or play in my play or even cry in my cry. Lmao. Ta Dixx

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