Stupid Questions pple ask

A few days back, I posted a blog titled AWKWARD MOMENTS. I got great responses from some readers, some saying they are also guilty of those moments. Whilst most readers have been caught on the other side of the stick, they have admitted to being too random and blabbering random and in most cases stupid questions. I must say, if you decide to ask me a stupid questions, do not at any point expect an intelligent response.

Being a tutor has come with funny moments. Now, a right-angled triangle can be mathematically solved using the Pythagoras Theorem, where the square of the hypotenuse(the slant) equals the sum of the square of the opposite side and the square of the adjacent side. A student was given the opposite length and the opposite length and asked to find x, which was the hypotenuse. The response was an arrow pointing towards the x and the tag being: There is x.

Recently, a Ms South Africa hopeful was asked to name the 9 provinces and her first answer was Durban. Well, everyone thought that was a once off blonde moment but the next response confirmed her stupidity, “SOWETO.”

In most cases, when you ask a stupid question, you normally get a blank faced “non”-response. Not with me. Not here(Juju Accent).

1) You see me lying down, eyes closed and you ask; Are you sleeping? Nope, I’m practising how to die. 2) Its raining and you notice me going out and you ask: Are you going out in this rain? Nope, I’ma go out in the next one. 3) You call my home land line and ask me: Where are you? I’m @ the mall parking lot waiting to be airlifted back home. 4) You see me wet coming out of the bathroom and you ask: Did you just have a bath? Nope, it was raining cats and dogs in the bathroom. 5) I bring a bunch of flowers for my sweet heart and she asks: Are those flowers? Uhm, no response. She’s not that stupid. 6)Finally, you see me in the queue to buy tickets outside a cinema in the evening and you ask: What are you doing here? Owh, I just came to check who ate breakfast in the morning.

Halla back with the stupid questions you have heard and the funny responses. Like she always says: YEY. Lol

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