Dezemba ReLoaded

So, MashDiva ( has put a smile on many with the Ke Dezember Bosss!!! issue. I had quite a laugh. Made me go back in time. All that rings in my mind is the after effects of this December holiday. It comes as no suprise that after this time, most of us are broke beyond recognition. Like in a fire, one gets 3rd degree burns. Here its 8th degree debt. Come January, the Loan Sharks aka ABOMASHONISA make a killing, expensive hand sets are swapped for 3310s. As schools open, all the kids just know that they have to comprehend with carrying “lunch tins” to school. Now, a word of advice: Do not, I repeat, do not use your empty lunch tins as Number 2 holders. Its so funny because this happens every year, though we try hard to be disciplined, it always goes back to the same old story or rather, 1) empty pockets 2) “R20 boss” at the filling stations 3) 60 – 80km/h saving petrol 4) car on Neutral at every downhill drive 5) onion, water bottle and ice cubes in the fridge 6) longer pawn shops, Super Bet and Lotto queues 7) lunch tins (no need to warn you again) and 8) insufficient funds at the ATM. Well, nothing can really change this situation, even a reputable Financial Advisor. Whatever happens, spend that hard earned cash on “CRICKETS aka fire works. That gives meaning to the statement, BLOWING your money. Sit back and watch it go into flames and temporary stars, literally. Swap Coke for Pepsi. MadMax has amazing bargains, credit @ these leading retailers will set you back. When times are hide, do not worry, you are not alone and please remember, A day without sunshine is like ………., well, night and On the other hand, you have………,well, fingers. Just like she always says, YEY. Lmao. Halla

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