Akward Moments

We’ve all been through crazy stuff in life. Well, you may remember that in my last blog I mentioned an embarrassing moment that happened in my early years but the following might be relevant to you. That awkward moment when 1) you walk with a new partner and suddenly there is a “farty” smell and you definitely know it aint u. 2) when you are alone in a lift and you let rip a fart then your crush walks in, 3) when your long time crush tells you she wants your young brother instead, 4) when you let rip a loud fart in a taxi and realise you had your earphones on, 5) when you say goodbye to someone but you both walk off in the same direction, 6) when you pull the push door at MacDonald’s even though it is clearly marked, 7) when you don’t know which armrest is yours @ the cinema, 8) when you pick up a hot iron thinking you are answering the phone, 9) when you type your ex’s name into your Facebook status instead of the search bar, 10) when someone mistakes you for the shop assistant, 11) when you push the un-lockable toilet door thinking no one is inside 12) when you confidently say the wrong answer in class and finally 13) when after doing your business (Number 2) in your new bf’s / gf’s toilet, you realise there’s no tissue, no air freshener and toilet won’t FLUSH. I’m guilty of quite a few there. Halla @ me with your awkward moments.

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5 thoughts on “Akward Moments

  1. The awkward moment wen yu respnd 2 a question that wasnt evin adresd 2 u!
    And after recieving a kol 4rm another boyfrnd or gf wen yu wth yo boo!kikikiki

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