You wake up in the morning feeling all good about your day ahead, ready to take on the world. You browse through your social networks and realize there is a couple of people talking about you, indirectly though. Its bound to stab you in the heart, especially if one of the people is a so called friend. Why are we quick to judge? Do we ever put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We hide behind religion and culture. Everyone has their imperfections, instead of looking at the next person’s hurdles, look at yours first. The most common statement is, “I know I’m not perfect, but I’m better than him/her”. So what if the next person does not have a car and you do? So what if the next person stays in a shack and you have a house? So what if the next person had a baby at a young age and you still waiting to have a million in your bank to start a family? So what if you have a PHD and the next person is a hustler? Good for you, you have worked hard for that, enjoy it, bt do not let it get to your head. The vice versa is also true. If you haven’t achieved in your life, do not blame those who have. Look within yourself, instead of wasting time on other people’s successes, try to look at your strengths and build your future. Humility is one of the bricks in the foundation to success. Lastly, I find it hard to understand the fact that the most religious people tend to be the worst hypocrites (no judgement ). I want to try to be non judgemental and let humility drive me forward. Like my friend always says, TSOL GOOD.


2 thoughts on “judgement

  1. Human being are judgemental in nature, but the worst I found are the so called ‘born again Christians’, they have personally taken ownership of God as thiers and thiers alone! Don’t worry about people that talk behind your back, its simply means u r in front of them. Their judgement on you is not a reflection of who you are merely a reflection of their weakness! Hussle on brother, haters are meant to hate vele

    • And the worst thing is that we tend to judge other people based on our weaknesses and our downfalls. 1 can never change a hater’s mindset. The only thing to do is to preach HUMILITY and hustle on. TSOL GOOD MashDiva

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