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So, I’ve been dragging my feet, so to speak, though its actually supposed to be dragging my thumbs with talking about numbers.

Most of you know that Bee is a huge fan of numbers.
How many of us, by the show of hands, hate Maths? Are you that one person who only loved Maths when it was only about addition and subtraction, Tens and Units? Well, you are not alone. How is one expected in Grade 3 to know the monster called Long Division, with remainders for that matter?

Most probably the only time you enjoyed Maths was when your folks sent you to buy stuff and you had to bring change and had managed to “Mathematify” the change, “Fy Bob” aka 50 cents in your favour so you could go buy chewing gum. Most probably you might have enjoyed Maths only when you were the only one who had the Maths text book that had answers at the back.

Remember how everyone was a “mathematician” at primary school, well, maybe not everyone was. A certain Lish from KZN is allergic to Maths. If you want to pick a fight with her, just ask her what the sine of theta is.

Anyway, remember how you had second thoughts about continuing with Maths soon after that first Algebra lesson? The x + x = 2x. All I know is that you really try to avoid a situation where you have two ex’s together. They broke up long ago. How about that x times x is x squared? Why not x triangled or circled or something of that freakish nature.
What was Mr Pythagoras really up to when he noticed that he had to tell the world about the Hypotenuse?

Honestly, are we sure Mr Calculus was as clever as we think? Ok, differentiate 3x and the answer is 3. The word differentiate looks like it has something to do with differences. Shouldn’t the answer be 3 is a number and x is a letter? Why inequalities when we can equate with so much ease?
The less said about Hopitals Theorem the better. If only we could shift the “s” to between ‘o’ and ‘p’ maybe our brains would be functioning properly.

Gone are the days we would just use our fingers and toes to count. Remember the Roman Numerals? Funny enough, they also got tough when we were told that L is 50 and M is 100. Why not T or J or even Q? Gone are the days we just had to twang and say “tswo mplas tswo equanz mfo”.

At some point Maths will indeed come of age. He will start solving his problems and will stop looking for his x. She moved on.

In the next blog, I will be revealing why Maths is important. For example, it helped me come up with cool pick up lines like, “My love for you is like dividing by zero, can’t be defined”.

By the way, the term Partial Fractions has got nothing to do wit partying.

Though you think Maths hates you, never forget that Bee loves you. Yes, you, the reader.

How can the area of a circle be pie r_squared? It makes sense to say its “pizza r_circled”. Just my thought.
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Bee Loves You, Yes You


Life’s lessons


Ever noticed how certain events or happenings change your life? We encounter many different things in our lives as we grow. Now, these events always carry a certain weight with them, thus one may never be able to ignore them. As I approach 28 (25th Oct, I will post my banking details for all those who want to send monetary presents, lol), I notice that all events in my life come with a particular life’s lesson. For example, I’ve learnt never to trust someone who says “Go slap him, I’m here to protect you”. Lol.

The best thing one can do is to learn from all that happens in their life. Experience is the best teacher, (I’m the best Maths Tutor, lol). Be it good events or misfortunes, it takes “balls” to be able to be immune to all negativity that surrounds you. At times we need to be encouraged to be better people.

One person who does this with amazing ease and without saying anything is my daughter. Ok, well maybe not really because when she starts “talking” to me, she honestly thinks I understand what she says in her language, GWAOPW, pronounced, “go_uop”. Now, to all those who do not have kids, its “Gibberish With An Occasional Proper Word”. Anyway, her presence just makes it possible for me to focus, stay focused and push even harder. So, have that one person or people or thing that encourages you. Picture it in your mind and remember, its that one who will always be by your side, even when the chips are down. Like I always say, Pressa, Pusha, Phanda. Its all it takes.

Bee Loves You, Yes You

A little Lighter?


When last did you have a good laugh? When last did you look at the mirror and smiled? Yes, work, relationships, meetings, careers and all tend to make us a serious bunch. When last did you watch that one movie that gives you sore ribs? Most probably its been a while. When last did you talk to that one person who just makes you laugh? Remember that uncle who when drunk is funniest human being ever? I think one thing that I have noticed lately is that I tend to neglect what’s really important to me, which is seeing a smile on my face. Life is really serious, yes, but it has its times where one needs to just let go. Ask yourself this question, are you that person who goes to a party and when everyone is on the dance floor doing the Sushi and Hlokolozing, you sit and watch then later say, “Oh the party was boring”? Are you that one person who when with friends is on the phone’s social networks? Are you that one person who has to be begged to have fun? There’s a song by Shota where at some point he says, “Let loose”. Yes people, here and there, let’s just let loose and forget who is watching, unless ofcourse your crush is amongst the crowd. Society has brought us up to think ourselves as fixed personalities when in fact we are free to just let go. The way we look at things makes them what they are. Take some time now and just look at life a little bit on the relaxed side. Feel how good that could be. Its the same feeling one gets when they snort on cocaine(I’m not saying I’ve tried cocaine out). Lol, but everyday in the morning, try to activate the feel good hormones in your brain. Only that way can you be able to face the world head on. I think finally, this touching story is a fitting example of how to see that beautiful smile you have.(In the back of mind, play an old classical song as you read) A young boy was walking home after school when he saw a small puppy. He picked it up and touched it. Then he touched it again. He touched it once again, he touched and touched and touched …he then touched it again and again. Then he finished touching. Like I said in the beginning, A VERY Touching STORY indeed. Remember, life is not always serious. Smile a bit.

BEE loves you, yes you. LOL


I guess its that time again, December. A time to reflect on the yeat that has been. What has been your highlights in 2014? What can you sit back and say, “dang, that was an achievement”? For me, it definitely has to turning 30…sssssssh. Let me not dwell much on that, I could write a book about my amazing 30 year journey. Lows? Maybe. But, lets hear what you, the reader has to say. Tell me about your ups and downs. Dont forget to party hard though…#keDezemba Bosssss. Lol. Remember your limits, lets not let it get out of hand. So, ups and downs of 2014?

Daddy’s Angel

So, all my life I have been surrounded by strong women, women of character, women who have gone through thick and thin. My late Granny, late Mom, my aunt Paulina, aunt Cathy and my mother in law. The list is endless. They have walked on tight ropes and yet emerged even stronger. The women I have mentioned have had an impact on my life. Now that I am blessed with a baby girl, I desire my child to some day have the same spirit and drive. In the past 3 and a half years, I have noticed how I have created an amazing bond with her. In these few years, I have seen the cumulative benefits of creating such bonds with my daughter. Stories from dads’ raising their little girls have inspired me to look at a few lessons that every man should have.
1) Love her mother, treat her with the utmost respect, honour and give her a great serving of affection. You want your daughter to fall in love and eventually marry a guy who will treat her much like you treated her mom.
2) Always be there for her. Note that quality time goes hand in glove with quantity time. Be genuinely interested in the things that interest your daughter through all the stages in her life. Now, that also means learning the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song.
3) Be her hero. Rise to all occassions as you will be required to wear that Superman outfit.
4) Every moment spent with your daughter must be a moment to cherish. Tickle her. Laugh at her sometimes not so funny jokes. A few weeks back, I picked my daughter from creche and in the car she says “Dad, I have a surprise for you”. Well, me being the person that I am, I got excited and asked her to show me, she dug into both her pockets and poured all the sand that was in there on the car seats. She did all of this with a loud “ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka” type of laughter. I had to play along.
5) Pray for and with her, regularly, passionately and continually. Listen to what she prays about, you will be shocked. Lol
6) She will fight with her mom, your wife. Choose sides wisely. You dont want to sleep on the couch just because you bought her a sherbert and theres white powder everywhere just after mom has done the cleaning.
7) Yes, you will look silly playing certain games, (peek a boo), but go ahead, do it.
8) Its never too early to teach her about money matters. Well, she’s still going to suck your wallet dry as a teenager and definetly on her wedding day.
9) Dance with her. Do the Sushi, the Fenqe Fenqe Pakaaaaa and even the Random Rhythmless dance. Lol
10) Tell her that she is beautiful, that she is as smart as any boy and that you love her. Do this over and over again.

To all the dads who are their little girls’ heroes, I respect you. To those dads to be, may this be motivation to you.


A great read. I must say, women are our pillars of strength. Clearly, Linda Nochlin looked at only one angle forgeting how powerful women are. Enjoy this. I did.


Why have there been no great women throughout history? I appropriate this question from Women Art and Power and Other Essays a book by Linda Nochlin. The question that was originally posed was: “why have there been no great women artists?”

This reading explores the reasons why women have not been in the spotlight throughout history and tries to answer this contentious question.

Firstly I would like to discuss the issue regarding the role of a woman in a patriarchal rule. The role, capabilities and even the story of women has always been told through the males perspective. As a result women have since been marginalised.

The ability of women has been suppressed by such a system. Only because she is of a weaker gender. I would like to stress the truth to that ideology – yes, women are generally weaker physically, however that notion doesn’t apply when we look…

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